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MARCH 2020 | ATHENA CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER UPDATE: The health and well-being of our members, corporate partners, and stakeholders are our utmost priority. In light of global precautions taken to address the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and in response to guidance issued by both the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the California Department of Public Health, Athena is adopting appropriate preventative measures for our upcoming events and leadership programs. 
At this time, we are postponing our spring and summer events including our 22nd Annual Pinnacle Awards Gala hosted at UCSD on May 13, 2020. Our Pinnacle Awards Gala remains a symbol of empowerment of women in STEM and the show will go on. You can expect the new Pinnacle date announcement in the coming weeks. A full refund of tickets for our monthly leadership programs will be issued for all events leading up to July 1, 2020.

March 25, 2020 | Spring FEW Enrollment 
FEW is one of Athena's most popular member benefits, enabling you to connect, and empowering you to lead through a valuable peer group experience with your own personal board of directors. 

"We were talking a lot about change management and I was able to some of the best practices and things that [my FEW Group members] were doing and apply it to what I was working on, and it made me look like a hero," FEW Group member Susan Poser shared

Each FEW group consists of 8-10 women that meet approximately once a month for 1-2 hours. To maximize the FEW experience, applicants are considered for placement based on the mix of current applications and placed with women from non-competing companies, but with shared goals and focus, to meet on a regular basis and provide structured business and personal support and direction.

"My FEW Group has been incredible. Women in STEM, helping one another. You can talk just about anything," Athena member Lisa Walters-Hoffert said. "It's been really valuable."  

June 2020 | Athena on Boards Series | Cohort 3
As the voice of women in STEM, Athena offers a deep bench of executive women ready to help companies modernize their boardroom. AOB’s Cohort 3 Series is launching in Summer 2020 and features three essential elements: 1) effectively prepares board candidates by helping design their board placement strategies, 2) assigns participants within intimate mentoring teams for accountability and execution among our bench of industry experts and recruiters, and 3) designs and promotes customized corporate profiles of these board-ready candidates. Register for the Athena On Boards 3-part program hosted and powered by 


August 2020 | The 22nd Annual Pinnacle Awards Celebration
NEW DATE COMING SOON!! Athena’s Annual Pinnacle Awards Gala is celebrating its 22nd year of production. Over 750 leaders in science, technology and business gather to honor those excelling in the recognition, promotion, and mentorship of women in STEM. The Pinnacle Awards is a staple of southern California's technology and life science industries, showcasing the best in class for those individuals advancing women in STEM. Please contact [email protected] to become a Pinnacle Awards sponsor. MORE INFO

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