Pinnacle Scholarship Impact

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Providing the Foundation for Our Future STEM Leaders

Athena has awarded 86 grants over 17 years to help young women get the education they need to become our future leaders in STEM.

"I am finishing up my third year at Yale - prepping for the MCAT and looking ahead to medical school applications. I want to thank you for the continued support of Athena, not only the scholarship, but also the community and networking that I look forward to maintaining in the future."  Carrie Cao


"Thank you so much for supporting my education with the Athena Pinnacle Scholarship. Because of the scholarship I have been able to immerse myself in my classes as well as talk with Athena members who have provided e with invaluable career advice. I hope to improve the U.S. healthcare system."  Michelle Xie


"After attending several Athena events, I realized that this scholarship offers me so much more than financial support; it offers me a professional network that I can turn to for mentorship and support."  Nicolette Brannan


"Thank you so much for supporting the goals and dreams of me and other young women striving to make a difference in STEM fields and beyond. Through Athena, I have met many successful individuals who have inspired me to pursue my passion for biology and explore computer science."  Meagan Wu


"I spent 6 weeks in Singapore doing integrated microfluidic research with cancer cells. Now I am set on my major - biomedical engineering. Thank you for the warmth and encouragement your Athena community has been to me."  Claudia See


"I am very grateful for this scholarship which will allow me to fully explore the fascinating field of neuroscience, including spending time researching in labs. It is important to me to "pay it forward" and use my free time t mentor young girls in science."  Sara Kornfeld Simpson


"I am so fortunate to have your continued support. In turn, I will definitely make the most of my remaining college career so that one day I may also positively impact the lives of others."  Hursuong Vongsachang