"Blueprint for Success" Monthly Vlogs

This monthly feature houses exclusive C-suite interviews with Athena executives, academics and thought leaders sharing their strategies for accelerating women’s leadership path in STEM.  Athena viewers can expect to gain timely insights and proven formulas to influence their career direction. We hope you find value in these exemplary women that may empower your future working in the STEM fields. 

JANUARY 2020 | Athena’s launching into 2020 with Dawn Barry, President & Co-founder of LunaPBC for our monthly “Blueprint for Success.” Learn what fueled Dawn's career journey starting from her penchant for science as a child to her 12-year stint as an Illumina executive to launching her award-winning genomics startup at Luna DNA. SDGE
  AUGUST 2019 | We’re excited to feature Dr. Sheila Gujrathi, CEO of Gossamer Bio, as she shares her fascinating career journey and enduring leadership qualities inside Athena's monthly Blueprint for Success. As one of the handful of female CEOs of a biotech company, Gujrathi dives into the career difficulties she faced as she advanced into leadership roles, and what enabled her to overcome and ultimately thrive in the male-dominated biotech industry.  SDGE
  JULY 2019 | Special Edition: Straight from the 21st Annual Pinnacle Awards "turquoise carpet,o’s who in Athena’s thriving community of diversity champions. SDGE
Dean k  JUNE 2019 | Katherine Kantardjieff, PhD | Dean, College Science & Mathematics, CSUSMWe are excited to feature our first academic leader in Athena's Blueprint for Success, Dr. Katherine Kantardjieff, founding dean of the College of Science and Mathematics at CSUSM. SDGE
MAY 2019 | Randa Coniglio | President & CEO, Port of San Diego
From UCSD chemistry student to commercial real estate agent to making history as the first female CEO at the Port of San Diego, Randa discusses the perception gaps she has encountered, and the advice she was given along the way that emboldened her to establish boundaries. 
  APRIL 2019 | Kathleen Delaney | CMO, Kofax SDGE 
 MARCH 2019 | Liz Gasser | Managing Partner, High Camp Ventures | Athena Board Chair SDGE 
 FEBRUARY 2019 | Dr. Kara Bortone | Head, JLABS San Diego SDGE 
   JANUARY 2019 | Valerie Gionis | CEO, Valtari Bio SDGE 


DECEMBER 2018 | Mei Lin Fung | Co-Founder | People Centered Internet


NOVEMBER 2018 | Beth Anne Baber, Ph.D. | Founder, CEO & CSO | STORM Real World Health


OCTOBER 2018 | Claire Weston, Ph.D. | Founder and CEO | Reveal Biosciences

SEPTEMBER 2018 | Jaye Connolly-LaBelle | Chairman and CEO | RippleNami

AUGUST 2018 | DeLinda Forsythe | CEO | Innovative Commercial Environments

JULY 2018 | The Power of Athena | Hear Athena Members Share Why Athena Matters 

JUNE 2018 | Sabrina Martucci Johnson | President and CEO | DARÉ Bioscience

MAY 2018 | Dr. Cathy Schnabel | Chief Scientific Officer | Biotheranostics

APRIL 2018 | Lee Wills | Head of Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement | Sony Electronics

MARCH 2018 | Rashmi Char | Vice President of Engineering | Qualcomm

FEBRUARY 2018 | Barbara Bry | San Diego City Council President Pro Tem and Athena Founder