Athena Membership FAQs

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Athena succeeds because of the energy, commitment and vision of our members.

What is Athena San Diego?

A leadership, education, networking and support organization for executive and middle management women in San Diego’s life sciences and technology industries and those in the services sector who provide services to those industries.

What is Athena’s means of financial support?

Athena is a self-supporting, non-profit organization that relies upon member dues, corporate sponsors, and program fees to fund its programming and operations.

Who can join Athena?

There are a number of different membership categories:

  1. Executive: Open to director-level, partner, or above in a Science, Technology, Healthcare, Defense, Energy or Clean-tech company. Also open to directors, partners, or senior executives in a Service Provider company that is a current Athena Corporate Sponsor.
  2. Associate : For individuals not yet at the director-level, but who are on a fast track to the executive suite. The Associate member candidate must have a minimum of five years professional experience. The candidate must also secure a written endorsement from an Executive-level Athena member confirming that the Associate candidate qualifies as a rising manager, and indicating how Athena will benefit from the candidate's participation in the organization.
  3. Education: University-level STEM educators and administrators
  4. Military: Members of the military currently in a STEM-specific job and managing others
  5. Entrepreneurs: STEM startup founders and employees


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Does my employer need to be in a STEM industry for me to become an Athena member?

If you work for a Service Provider (e.g., law firm, accounting firm, consulting firm) that is a current Athena Corporate Sponsor, you are eligible to join Athena.

How can non-members participate in Athena?

Many of Athena's events are open to the public and are reflected with non-member pricing.

Why join Athena?

Athena is the premier leadership organization for women executives in San Diego science, technology, healthcare, defense, energy and clean-tech sectors, and the services firms that work with these industries.

Join Athena to be part of a highly influential organization that unites our members in a network of leadership, support and education to address the unique business issues and challenges we face in our careers.

What role do Corporate Sponsors have in Athena?

Corporate funding permits Athena to offer the highest-quality programming which often features nationally-recognized speakers. For more information about Corporate Sponsorships, contact Athena San Diego at (858) 481-0707 or [email protected].

Does Athena have affiliation with regional or national organizations?

Athena has forged strong links with other regional and national organizations such as the San Diego Software Industry Council, BIOCOM, Society of Women Engineers, Association for Women in Science, Women in Technology International, and Catalyst, to name a few.

Are there smaller groups within Athena that address special topics of interest?

Athena has created a number of special interest groups that meet regularly to discuss opportunities, challenges and issues unique to each group. These groups provide a more intimate setting to connect like minded women allowing them to advance in their careers and business and grow the organizations in which they participate.

How do I serve as an Athena Board Member?

Please contact to learn more about board positions.

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