Athena Joins United Nations Global Compact To Close the Gender Gap in STEM Workforce

May 22, 2018

Secretary-General E. António Guterres
United Nations
New York, NY 10017

Dear Mr. Secretary General,

I am pleased to confirm that Athena supports the ten principles of the UN Global Compact with respect to human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption. With this commitment, we express Athena’s intent to actively support the Global Compact by advancing these principles and to extend a clear statement of this commitment to our corporate stakeholders involved in the STEM fields throughout California and among the general public.

Athena also pledges to participate in and engage with the UN Global Compact, where additional resources are made available, in the following ways:

  • Extend Athena’s 20-year platform and deep history of advocating women empowerment principles by mentoring, educating and advancing leadership development in the traditionally male-dominated STEM fields.
  • Directly connect and facilitate private-sector WEP participation and increased signatories within its 5000+ member portfolio and stakeholder community.
  • Exercise Athena’s California convening power by hosting conferences showcasing private sector leaders that examine the opportunities and challenges associated with scaling WEP enterprise-wide.
  • Strategically assist the market in identifying unique characteristics of the tech sector that may hinder upholding the WEP commitments in operationalizing its principles.
  • Serve as a strategic marketing arm of the UN to leverage Athena’s market reach as a global STEM HUB and individually workshop these WEP commitments inside those science and tech companies that struggle most with meeting gender equality goals.

We recognize that a key requirement for participation in the Global Compact is the submission of a Communication on Engagement (COE) that describes our organization’s efforts to support the implementation of the ten principles and to engage with the Global Compact. We support public accountability and transparency, and therefore commit to report on progress within two years of joining the Global Compact and every two years thereafter according to the Global Compact COE policy. 

Holly Smithson
Chief Executive Officer