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Athena Foundation 501(c)(3)

Providing Pinnacle Scholarships for the STEM Leaders of Tomorrow

Athena is committed to fostering the professional development for women in STEM today and well into the future.

In order to support the young leaders, the Athena Foundation was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to award scholarships to five deserving high school senior women within San Diego County who demonstrate exemplary skills in science and technology. Chosen from over hundreds of applications, these outstanding young women are presented with scholarships each year at our Pinnacle Awards gala. Athena has granted 86 scholarships over 17 years through Athena's Scholarship Fund.

The Foundation is overseen by an active Board of Directors comprised of Athena members and former Directors who are committed to nurturing and supporting the next generation of women leaders in science, math and technology. This Board establishes the fundraising strategy, maintains the integrity of the Scholarship Awards and ensures that the scholarship recipients continue on their designated path of study in math, science or engineering.

A representative of the Foundation also sits on the Athena Board of Directors, which oversees Athena Foundation activities.

The Athena Foundation partners with the San Diego Foundation to facilitate the dissemination of the Athena Pinnacle Scholarship Fund.

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